Rates are negotiable and vary according to the complexity of the project. For book indexes, I generally charge a flat fee based on a per-page price. You will know before indexing begins how much the project will cost. In order to quote a price in advance, I will need to discuss the project details with you and, possibly, see representative sample pages. Typical rates are in the $4.00 - $6.00 per page range, with trade titles generally at the lower end and scholarly titles at the upper end - but again, this varies with specific projects and a project may fall outside the range.

Index revisions and updates after submission are not covered in the quote and may be billed on an hourly or per-page basis. For books sent to me in electronic format only, printing costs will be billed to you as well.

For periodicals, database materials, and online documents and indexes, I may charge a per-entry or per-document price quoted in advance, or bill by the hour, with or without a not-to-exceed cap. Projects like these require detailed discussion of index specifications and scope of work.

To discuss your project and request a quote, email me or call 707-888-2024.


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