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Working with an indexer continued
When pages are final, they'll be sent to me for indexing by your publisher (or you, if you're self-publishing). I will simply go to work and write your index, according to the guidelines or specifications we've established. When I'm done, I'll send the finished index file to your editor, who will send it to you for review. If you're self-publishing, the file will go straight to you.

As the author, you should not have to do more than answer any questions that may come up about the text and read through the finished index. My goal is to write you an index that doesn't require you to make corrections or changes, and give it to you and your publisher in a clean format that can be pulled right into the book production software.

Timing and scheduling
Project turnaround time depends on how long and complex the book is and when pages are ready for indexing. As a rule of thumb, I allow 10 workdays for a 300-page book, but turnaround time will depend on complexity and on how many other projects I have in house. In order to schedule a project, I need to know the estimated date that final pages will be ready for me, how long the book is, and the deadline for submitting the final index file.

I submit my invoice with the completed index, and expect to be paid in full within 30 days. Index revisions by me are not included in my price quote (of course, corrections to any actual mistakes I've made are covered, but it's very rare for that to come up). For very large projects, I may require an up-front deposit or bill part of the total before completion.   About rates         << back

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